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Project Description
The Accessible media project is a collection of tools for making websites using media more accessible.

The first release is a basic video player, whose main aim is as a vehicle for demonstrating how to achieve WCAG 2.0 AAA accessibility using Silverlight.

In the first release, the player supports the following accessibility features, which should bring websites using it to AA.
  1. Reading closed captions from W3C timed text files and switching on and off
    1. Uses a simple Timed text at present.
    2. No audio present is signalled for video with no audio track
  2. Reading audio description (audio files and associated captions) from W3C timed text.
    • Descriptions can be extended to pause the main video to fit in longer descriptions
    • Premixed audio in second soundtrack also supported for simple descriptions
  3. Switchable sign translation video can be overlaid on the main video.
  4. caption and sign language is keyed of current locale but can be changed
  5. Keyboard navigation
    1. Tab navigation using IsTabStop and TabIndex
    2. Keyboard shortcuts using keyboard events
  6. ISO standard accessibility icons
  7. Full screen mode
  8. UIA integration using UIA's AutomationPeer
  9. User preferences stored in IsolatedStorage.

Our second release is a set of tools for creating media players using the Expression Encoder product more directly. It consists of a an accessible template and an associated plugin which allows non-programmers to create a silverlight player directly from a set of assets.

This template includes the same access features as the version one player, with a slightly different look and feel. It does not include the user preferences dialog.

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